Friday, August 26, 2011

Time Flies

I can not believe it. Where has the time gone?
I am a Stay-At-Home mother once again. Like everyone says, your kids are only young once.
Anna will be starting Kindergarden this year and Ben in 3rd grade.
We have one more week of summer left.
This week we managed the follow:
Chuck E. Cheese
Toledo Zoo
Kids n Stuff
Garage Saling
What to do the last week before school.

Friday, June 12, 2009

You run, you slide......

Life with slip n slide is the greatest (when you are a kid). I briefly debated about try it, then decided I couldn't stand the cold hose water and would break a bone or pull a muscle. Maybe next time I reply as the kids yell "Come on mom!"

Why do the doctors want to cut my open?

Okay I went to the sleep doctor this afternoon, and he gave me homework; and told me to try a couple this homework-things before we talk about surgery. I said what kind of surgery. He replied with cutting your throat. What the heck? Something is wrong with my wind tube/air pipe and when I fall asleep I stop breathing (average 10 times an hour). No wonder I don't feel rested when I wake up. I will do everything possible before letting him cut my throat. (Talk about being in a cut throat business.) My doctors are all crazy, they are out to get me.
Anyone ever heard of throat surgery?

I went to the Doctor (Wednesday)

It officially summer break, so ready or not start the roller coaster of a ride.
I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he explain some possibilities of the surgery and decided to give me another round of medications. He prescribed me steroids, an antibotic, pain medication and three different nasal sprays. Whew! I asked him if it worked how would he know which one or combination worked. He said it would be a combination. Keep your fingers crossed.
I have tried the nespot (I have one), but he gave me two of the pediasprayers (it just like the nespot only you just squeeze the bottle).
I have an appointment with the sleep doctor today (and this is what he said.... oooh eeee ooooh ahhh ahh ). I can't wait to he what he has to say, I had the sleep study back in April?
Any special events coming up for summer break?
Anyone know how much the local water park is?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Help, Please Anyone?

I have another sinus headache, okay so they just never stop. I have tried to call the doctor, but they don't want me on any medication. They suggest sinus surgery.
I have not been in to talk to the doctor about having the sinus surgery, but I have checked out information online. Oh, that's scary.
I was wondering if anyone is out there that has had sinus surgery or knows someone who has and can give me input. I don't care if it's good, bad or otherwise.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Do you like Goodwill?

For those who don't know me "well", I love to garage sale and goodwill. Anything to avoid paying retail. There is a Goodwill Outlet/Clearance/As Is center in Charlotte (about 45 minutes from me). It is great. Everything is marked with the regular good will prices, but anything with a price tag 99 cents and under is 29 cents; $1.99 - $1 $.59 ; $3.99-$2 $0.79 and so on.
The cashier told me that they refresh the stock (or trade and get new) on Mondays (when they are closed) so Tuesday is the best day of the week. I found jeans for 99 cents, and several nice clothing pieces.

Make Your Own

It's been a ruff couple of days. I had a couple days (in a row) where everything I do gets screwed up or turns out wrong.
I finally got a hold of my doctor about my sinuses to see if they could recommend anything to help me. There solution; sinus surgery. Oh that sounds like fun. Anyone had this or know of anyone who has? Painful? Permanant Solution?
While I was picking up the kitchen for the hundredth time this week I looked outside and noticed our sprinkler was on and there was a rainbow. So here's my comment for those who have bad moments or bad days. Sometimes we have to make our own rainbow! Make yourself smile.